Terms of the Offer

These Terms of the Offer is an invitation to make an Agreement concerning the use of DVEEJOK software.

Every individual or company (User), willing to use DVEEJOK project for building a car parts online store, may create such a store with the help of the instructions suggested and use it for free 30 days of trial period. The fact of creating an online store means User’s agreement to the terms and conditions above.

As soon as the free trial period expires, User will be proposed to fill in the form with personal data and make an Agreement. The Terms of Agreement are the following.


These terms have the following meaning concerning this Agreement only and cannot be interpreted otherwise concerning the services provided under this Agreement.

The Project DVEEJOK is the auto parts online stores builder — software developed by the Company. The DVEEJOK project is a web service that allows the Client to independently design an online store for the spare parts sale for cars, which includes various functions specific to such a business. The DVEEJOK project is distributed using SaaS method. The exclusive rights owner and holder to the DVEEJOK project, as well as to all online stores created with it, is the Company. The Client is given the right to use the created online store.

SaaS (software as a service) is a business model for the software provision and use, according to which the Company develops software independently, places it on the own web servers, manages it, and also updates it at its own discretion, providing the Client with access to the software via the Internet.

A website is a logically related data set (text pages, images, audio or video materials), providing publication for public viewing on the Internet of data about the Client, his products or services. The website is accessible at an unique domain name.

An online store is a website type that has specific functions that allow users to make products purchases posted on the website.

A website user is any person who visits the website, uses it to read posted information, or uses any other specific functionality available on the website.

A web server is a computer itself, as well as software that acts as a web server. The web server accepts HTTP requests from users, usually web browsers, and issues HTTP responses to them, usually along with an HTML page, image, file, media stream, or other data.

Services are the actions performed by the Company concerning the Client, with this Agreement clauses ensuring the fulfilment aim.



The Company transfers and the Client assumes the right to use the DVEEJOK project in the form of the created online store.


The right to use includes the following options:

  • design an online store at your discretion, changing the appearance, content and functionality in the ways that are currently provided or will be provided in the future in the DVEEJOK project;
  • assign your unique address (domain) to the online store, at which the site will be available on the Internet;
  • post on the created online store any text, graphic, audio or video information that does not contradict this Agreement terms;
  • accept orders for the purchase of products, communicate with website users, track statistical information on the online store;
  • as well as other possibilities that are provided at the moment or will be provided in the future in the DVEEJOK project.

The Company may provide additional services to the Client related to the website functioning. For example, to develop text, graphic or video materials intended for placement on the website, as well as to develop unique site functions that are not provided for in the DVEEJOK project. If the Client wants the Company to perform any additional service, he must send the corresponding request in electronic form using a special form in the Client personal account. The Company will consider this request and will answer whether it is possible to perform the requested service, and, if possible, inform the implementation time and cost. If the Client agrees to the specified time and cost, the Company will start performing the additional service. Each additional service is formalized by an additional agreement to this Agreement. The company may refuse to provide an additional service if it cannot be performed within the DVEEJOK project framework.



This Agreement is offered to the Client for review before registration in the DVEEJOK project. After the Client registration in the DVEEJOK project, he is given a free 30-day test period. A few days before the test period ends, the Client is invited to conclude an agreement, clearly expressing his consent to it by clicking on the „Conclude an agreement” button. From this moment on, the Agreement is considered concluded. The Agreement comes into force from the test period termination moment and the online store main period beginning, that is, from the 31st day from the Client registration moment in the DVEEJOK project. The conclusion date and the Agreement entry into force date are indicated on this Agreement first page. If the Client does not agree with this Agreement at least one clause, then he has no right to continue using the DVEEJOK project.



From the registration moment, the Client is provided with a 30-day free trial period, during which he can test the online store operation to find out whether the DVEEJOK project is suitable for solving the problems he needs. Starting from day 31, the Client is charged a fee for using the project.


A personal cash account is created for the Client in the DVEEJOK project. The funds received from the Client are credited to this account. Every day, funds are blocked on the account for using the project on the previous day. Every month, previously blocked funds are debited from the account for using the project in the previous month. Funds blocking on the account is carried out under the tariff schedule specified in this Agreement appendix.


The Company reserves the right to make changes in the tariff schedule and electronically notify the Client of the changes made no later than 30 days before their introduction.


The Client must independently monitor his account state and make advance payments in such a volume and with such frequency that with each fund’s blocking, the account balance remains positive.


When agreeing to an additional service implementation from the services specified in this Agreement clause 2.3, payment for such a service is performed according to the scheme: 50% prepayment, 50% after the service has been completed. Thus, before the service start, an amount equal to 50% of the cost is blocked on the Client’s account. If there are not enough funds in the Client’s account, the service will start only after the necessary amount has been deposited into the account. After completing the additional service, this service full cost is debited from the Client’s account.


The funds debited from the account is confirmed by the act of the completed works, which is issued electronically and provided to the Client.



The Company provides customer advisory support through the services provided by answering questions posed through the client support module.


The Company provides for the estimated time 99% of the DVEEJOK project stability on its web server, the access stability to the Client online store through the Internet and at its own expense corrects errors in the software and server equipment operation.


The DVEEJOK project additional features development and implementation are carried out by the Company at its discretion without the Client approval, but the Client may refuse services to connect additional functions if their functionality implies the using at will possibility.


The Company reserves the unconditional right to suspend the service unilaterally in the Agreement breach event by the Client or if its further provision poses a damage obvious threat to the DVEEJOK project or third parties. Such violations include the Client placement on his online store:

  • information that offends the others honour and dignity;
  • erotic or pornographic information;
  • information that contradicts the legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
  • incorrect software that disrupts the services provided by the Company;
  • software that leads to spam activity (spam refers to any advertising messages mass mailing in any form and with any technology).

The Company has the discretion to refuse the Client to resume the services provision, i.e. to terminate this Agreement if it has evidence that the Client used the DVEEJOK project to misconduct against the project itself, its users or third parties. The advance paid in this case Client is not returned.


If the Client is in arrears to the Company, the latter may stop providing services:

  • immediately, if the service is used in a free test period mode;
  • after 10 days from the debt occurrence date, if the service is used in the normal mode.

The Company can delete all the Client data from its web servers:

  • after 1 month from the debit date, if the service is used in the free trial period mode;
  • after 12 month from the debt occurrence date, if the service is used in the normal mode.

The Company is not responsible for the information content posted by the Client on the online store created in the DVEEJOK project, including advertising information.


The Company under no circumstances transfers the login, password, user information and the Client online store operation to third parties, except if the request for the information provided is received under a legal act that has entered into force.


The Company has the right to collect, systematize, store, clarify and perform other actions with the Client personal information if this is required for the providing services’ purposes. Personal information refers to any information related to the Client, including contact information, information about employees, information about products and services and how to provide services, as well as any other information. The Company undertakes to protect the Client’s personal information from third-party infringement by all available means.



The Client receives a pre-installed online store, created with the DVEEJOK project, which includes basic settings that the Client can change at his discretion, namely: change the online store appearance, placement test and graphic information, add products and use the project other functionality.


By registering on the DVEEJOK project and getting the right to use the established online store, the Client does not acquire any exclusive rights to the DVEEJOK project software.


The Client undertakes to pay for the Company’s services promptly by prepayment using any payment methods available at the moment or in the future.


The Client has the right to terminate the contract with the Company at its discretion at any time after the prepayment amount has been spent in full.


The Client is responsible for the information he posted on the established online store and undertakes not to post the following materials’ types:

  • information that offends the others honour and dignity;
  • erotic or pornographic information;
  • information that contradicts the legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
  • incorrect software that disrupts the services provided by the Company;
  • software that leads to spam activity (spam refers to any advertising messages mass mailing in any form and with any technology).



Any changes and additions to this Agreement are made in electronic form and are an appendix to this Agreement.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement or its appendices and electronically notifies the Client of the changes made no later than 30 days before their introduction. The changes introduced cannot apply to services already provided and are only applicable to services that will be provided in the future after the changes come into force.


The Client has the right to terminate the contract with the Company at its discretion at any time after the prepayment amount has been spent in full. The Agreement termination no additional notice is required from the Client. The payment terms for services will be considered as a desire to terminate the Agreement.


The Company has the right to terminate the Agreement with the Client if it has evidence that the Client used the DVEEJOK project to misconduct against the project itself, its users or third parties. The advance paid, in this case, the Client is not returned. The Company notifies the Client electronically about its intention to terminate the Agreement.


This Agreement may be terminated because the Company ceases to engage in this service type at all or ceases to support the DVEEJOK project in particular. In this case, the Company undertakes to notify the Client no later than 180 days before the Agreement termination. The notification is sent in electronic form.



The Parties are released from liability for full or partial obligations non-performance under this Agreement, if such non-performance is the force majeure result, that is, extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances by the Parties under these conditions, including mass riots, the authorities prohibitive actions, natural disasters, fires, catastrophes and force majeure other circumstances, as well as:

  • defective energy supply;
  • global interruptions in the Internet segments operation;
  • routing system failures;
  • failures in the distributed domain name system;
  • failures caused by hacking and DOS or DDOS attacks.

The Parties are obliged to notify each other by all available means of the force majeure circumstances existence no later than 2 days after their occurrence moment.


If the occurrence of the relevant force majeure circumstances directly affected the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations within the period specified in this agreement, this period is proportionately extended for the duration of the relevant circumstances.


If the Parties’ inability to meet their obligations under this Agreement lasts for more than 2 months, the Parties have the right to terminate this Agreement without compensation for possible losses.



The Client claims are accepted electronically via the customer support module within 3 business days from the incident occurrence moment. Claims are considered within no more than 10 working days from the receipt date.


In any disputes case or disagreements related to the Agreement performance, the Parties will make every effort to resolve them through negotiations.


If disputes are not resolved through negotiations, disputes shall be resolved in the order set forth by the Republic of Moldova current legislation.


The Company determines using the DVEEJOK project cost for the established online store each day. The cost is affected by the factors described below, also, the maximum fee for using the project per day is set. If taking into account all the factors, using the project cost per day is higher than the set maximum fee, the cost is reduced to the maximum fee.

The 1 user per day cost: 0.170000 lei
Counted unique users of the site.
0.170000 lei
The product cost posted in an online store per day: 0.000170 lei
0.000170 lei
Cost 1 MB of occupied disk space per day: 0.001700 lei
Under the photos, video and other files placement uploaded to the online store.
0.001700 lei
Maximum fee for using the DVEEJOK project per day: 80.00 lei
80.00 lei

User visits, user sessions, products posted and space occupied statistics are available in the online store Control Panel, as well as in the Client’s account on the DVEEJOK project.