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About project

We have developed Dveejok to facilitate creating online stores for small start-ups in car parts selling. Our first customers have been grown up from amateurs to leaders in the area for 7 years and keep on dealing with us.

An online store is a website with several features such as: user registration, catalogues of products, an opportunity of making a purchase order, selecting payment method and paying the order. Traditionally, companies used to look to the web studios to build a website. Depending on its difficulty, building a website could take from several weeks to several months, and the price could be pretty high. Website builders opened up a new era in website development and allowed building and launching templated websites in a few minutes.

Dveejok is a specialized car parts online store builder. We have been working with a lot of Russian and Moldavian car dealers for the last 7 years, upgrading our expertise in choosing and selling car parts, and now we can offer you a software product which meets the needs of most car stores.

How can I try?

Start creating your online store by clicking Try button.

Choose the template you like
We constantly expand the list of templates. You may change it later.
Fill in the information about your company
It is required for the initial website version. You may change it later.

Your online store will be created in a few minutes. It will be located on our servers, and you will get the right to use it for a monthly fee. Besides, first 30 trial days will be free. You will get the access to editing website through Control Panel.
Later you will be able to get a unique domain and bind it to your website.

For more detailed information, please, read the Terms of the Offer.


Search for car partsby OEM and by name Search for car parts<br />by OEM and by name
Search for car parts
by OEM and by name

If the searched car part is unavailable in the store, its analogues with the same OEM will be offered to a user.

Selection of car partsby automobile Selection of car parts<br />by automobile
Selection of car parts
by automobile

A car brand, model, year of manufacture, engine capacity and type, transmission are considered.

Downloading your ownOEM cross codes Downloading your own<br />OEM cross codes
Downloading your own
OEM cross codes

If there are not enough OEM cross codes in our base, you may add OEM codes or their analogues.

Several language versionsof the website Several language versions<br />of the website
Several language versions
of the website

At the moment the website may be created in Russian, English and Romanian. We will add other languages at your request.

Prices in differentcurrencies Prices in different<br />currencies
Prices in different

The user may browse the prices in a convenient currency. The price is converted into the right currency automatically, according to the course.

Products availablein different stores Products available<br />in different stores
Products available
in different stores

You may indicate the amount of products and the store where they are available to make customers’ purchases convenient.

Downloading productsas a price list Downloading products<br />as a price list
Downloading products
as a price list

You may do that either manually or automatically to synchronize products and the inner algorithm of your website.

Managing administrators’privileges Managing administrators’<br />privileges
Managing administrators’

You may give different roles to your administrators, regulating their access to different sections of Control Panel.

Creating your own cataloguesof products Creating your own catalogues<br />of products
Creating your own catalogues
of products

Using a convenient catalogue rubricator in Control Panel, you may create a diversely structured catalogues of products with images and descriptions.

Discounts and promosfor your clients Discounts and promos<br />for your clients
Discounts and promos
for your clients

You may customize individual or group discounts by determining price groups for clients.

Online communicationwith users Online communication<br />with users
Online communication
with users

Getting notifications about orders, feedback from website administrators, requests for information, and comments to products.

Orders and requestshistory Orders and requests<br />history
Orders and requests

All information of users’ orders and requests is stored in the base, available both for users and website administrators.


Using online store is tariffed every day.
The cost depends on the amount of products on the website, the number of users a day, and the amount of disk space occupied by images and other files.

You may start a small online store with several hundreds of products for a small monthly fee. The bigger your store grows, the higher the fee rises. Besides, the maximum daily charge for using online store will not exceed even for really big stores.

To calculate the monthly fee for your online shop, use our calculator below.

Specify the number of product items you have. Select the number of users per day on your website. At the initial stage of launching your website, the number of users will be small, and then it will grow as fast as you promote your website intensively. By default we have set it to 70. In our experience, this corresponds to a small shop operating in a region with a population of around 400,000 people. Market leaders in such a region reach up to 300 users per day.

Disk space is the server space occupied by pictures and other files on the website. A test online shop, created on our constructor, takes just under 50 MB. Our default setting in the calculator is 250 MB. According to our observations, this is the average volume of small sites. Most of the space is taken up by product and news images. The more pictures you add to the website, the more disk space you will occupy.

Try increasing or decreasing the values in the calculator to see how the cost of your shop is changing per month. The number of users per day mostly affects the cost, and the size of the disk space occupied affects it the least.

Once your shop is created, you receive access to your personal cabinet where you will be able to see your daily access and disk space usage statistics. During the test period you will be able to monitor these values in order to estimate the cost of your online shop per month.

The monthly fee for using online store is
For more detailed information, please, read the Terms of the Offer.


We provide 24/7 support to all our clients who have any questions about the website functioning.
After your online store is created you will see a Support Service sector in the Control Panel, where you may ask any questions.
We are always ready to help you!